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My Favorite Gene!By Ana Elisa Garcia

Biomphalaria glabrataHeat-Shock Protein 70 gene
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Taxonomic Information

Phylym Mollusca. Class Gastropoda. . . Order Basommatophora. . . . . Family Planorbidae. . . . . . Genus Biomphalaria
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Information on this organism's genome can be found here
The snail Biomphalaria glabrata serves as first intermediate host for the larval stages of several digenetic trematodes. Mechanisms by which these flatworms successfully infect B. glabrata and host defense strategies are not fully understood yet.

Gene Function

Heat shock proteins (HSPs)are involved in the folding and unfolding of other proteins. Their function is to protect cells from irreversible damage and death when they are exposed to stress factors such as infection, toxins, variation in temperature or inflammation.

Heat shock proteins are named according to their molecular weight. Hsp70 refers to families of heat shock proteins of 70 kilodaltons. Proteins with similar structure have been identified in a range of organisms, including molluscs. This protein serves different purposes:
-It can inhibit inflammatory response when it is found intracellularly.-When extracellular, it enhances inflammatory response.
Adema et al. (2010) found that HSP70 is differentially expressed when Biomphalaria glabrata snails are experimentally infected with the trematode Echinostoma parensei. The transcripted is down regulated 2.166 times.

Gene sequence

*The section that is highlighted in brown is what codes for the gene HSP70
The link to the nucleotide sequence can be found here

Protein sequence


The link to the protein sequence can be found here



Homologues in other Taxa


If I run a BLAST with Schistosoma mansoni, I get this

Conserved Domains


Primer Design


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